Fuzzy views

September 4, 2009.

Distractions, or the things that keeps me from writing the stuff that I want to write.  It’s a friday night in Los Angeles, 11pm and it’s 77 degrees.  In my house, it feels like more like 99 degrees.  At the moment, I’m trying to wrap up a short film script that will hopefully be in production in the coming months.   Keeping my fingers cross for other reasons, one namely a better job.  Because of a economic situation, my focus seems to have falter a bit.  My writing time has increased in a way, but it’s mostly been scattered between a featured film script and a short.
Distraction, can keep a writer from finishing any project.  In the past, deadlines were not met, and from there…It’s just a downward spiral affect around your character.  When you’re inspired or in a good mood, writing should be an easy thing, sorta.  But, the environment around you affects how you write.  From bad to good, anything can alter your imagination.  If you’re at ease with yourself, the script is more clear to understand, or where it is going. 
The picture above, was my first ever using photo shop.. seems easy…  

Short film in the process…. again..

August 29, 2009.

Working on a short script that hopefully will be up and running in the coming months.  The script is an all male cast with the exception of bystanders.  But, the style of the story takes me back in my theatre days.  Where the rules do not apply and just have a good time writing a short script.   Continue reading

hair or not to hair

August 15, 2009.
Hair is one of the most important characteristics into making a character in my scripts.  A certain look with a hairstyle is just an ensemble of things going into making a film.  A lot of questions go into asking what the character is about.  Why is her hairstyle this way?  Is she copying someone, does she only look good with short hair? Continue reading

Short film in the process..

Aug 13, 2009.

Sitting back and doing my daily routine on the internet, i’ll let you use your imagination for that… I found this photo of a girl posing her fashion style or “thing.”  Everything about her outfit gives me a result of wanting to do something quick.  I can hear talk a certain way, her persona is made up already in my mind.  Her hair style brings out a mysterious element and her clothes are beyond a statement in my mind.. Just another inspiration of a main character that I want to make in a short film or feature film. 

A little bit from the past.

August 02, 2009.

Last night was a little bit of time to reflect where it all started.  Nine years ago, (it’s been that long) I attended a community college where I took an interest in writing and directing.   The first class that I took was theatre appreciation.  From there on, I really appreciated the art of storytelling, the affect it had on audience.  The tone or powerful message a play or story would have on anyone that would enjoy  it.   Continue reading

The Limits of Control

Last Thursday, I went to the New Beverly Cinema to watch a new film by Jim Jarmusch; The Limits of Control.  The pace and style of the film were right up my alley, which is slow. The pace was so slow to the point where the viewer could actually feel what the main character was going through. I’m in no way going to break this film down by points. But, i will say that I could understand why this film did not have a wide release. The truth, I don’t really recall this film ever opening in Los Angeles. Because of the pace and style of the film, regular film audience would not have the patience and open minded enough to give this film a chance.. This leads to my film, Betty I am. During the film, I starting thinking about pace or tempo.. I figured out some edits that would make my film a little more pace friendly to the audience. Plus, the story of my film will be much more refine. And, hopefully by the end of the year my film will be presented somewhere.. Still working on that, every single day.

Getting caught up..

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july, 22 2009.

Just getting by and getting ready to write some stuff tonight.. Had an interesting night last friday.. Attended the Crusaders & Haters party at Royal/T..  brought to you by Zippercut .  The party was pretty amazing.. The more I go to these events, the more i see it provides a playground for people to show their creative/crazy/inspiring  side, which also helps me write.. Writing is life..

Wishing in the future, I’ll be able to purchase some kind of video camera.  Unfortunately, for the way things look financially for me at this point of my life, It’ll be a while.   I would sure love to post videos or take awesome pictures of my daily life and provide a better idea of the things that inspire me to write.   But, the highlight for me this passed week was a screening of  The Warriors.. A cult classic.  Not only there was a screening,  but also a special guest appearance of Ajax (James Remar) Mercy (Deborah Van Valkenburgh)  Cochise (David Harris).  The interview of the three of them was very informative and so interesting for someone like me.  They basically talked about all of the side stories that went on during the making of the film.   Also, delighted to hear about how Walter Hill directed his actors which also I gain some knowledge.  No, I’m not going to mimic his style or come anything close to his style..  I direct my own way .. Hopefully in the future I’ll get into talking about directing films or actors.. Not being afraid to get your vision done.  Not getting too sidetrack from this topic… This was a great night.. 

Lately, I been taking a B & W Photography Class and I love it!  So, I’m always looking for opportunities to take pictures of the happenings of Los Angeles.  Tuesday, I was a victim of the Nike-Lebron-James picture taking P.R. move.  There was this small mini concert in culver city where a J-pop star (Kanon Wakeshima)  was going to make an appearance for an album release party type of fiasco.  Believing this was an awesome opportunity to take some photos and practice the art of photography. . After only taking one picture which you see below… A hand grabs the front of my camera, a female sony worker (yes, a sony product) tells me with authority that I was not allowed to take photos of Kanon.   To make things short, after three songs ..the concert was over.. .   The performance was very entertaining.. Another reason that I  wanted to attend, its not very often you see someone using a cello instrument in a rock/pop type of act… And, just one more reason to throw out there.. I have a script in the works where it involves a female singer.. And, just seeing how things are after the show.  It gave me a great perspective of the aftermath, clean up, crew working to strike down.  How Kanon  Wakeshima exits the building with her handlers.. It was quite helpful.