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What turned out to be a hookah night

So what started to be a night of homemade grilled chicken taco’s, and playing some video games… turned out to be a night of Hookah..  With a long week of work, and a doze of wanting to leave a bad situation.. I had to come home and hang out with a few friends to start the weekend.  With the flavor of the tobacco hitting the air, I reflect on what has to be done on my created side.  Next week hopefully will launch a crowd funding thing to finish Betty I Am.

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A quarter of my script done! And, warhol is good for everyone!

That was one good piece of cake!!  First to my writing!!  After some tough editing and decision-making, my new feature script is 20 pages in!  Not done, I repeat!  Not done!!  From 30 to 20 pages.. and that’s getting things done.. Basically the script is along theme of the film TOKYO… The story  all takes place in parts of Los Angeles; where a certain trend dominates the scene.  The sketch below is from a good friend  Yasmin Khudari..  And hopefully by the end of the year we’ll be working on something I been working on since the age of 17!!   Cant’ say enough about this sketch!!  But, the females in the film will most likely follow in this fashion..  some kind of preview of a work in progress. .

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from nothing to something

The one thing that came to mind this weekend was this is going to be another weekend  of doing nothing.  But, with a phone call from a good friend and a birthday party to attend.   Things started to look up..  I got invited to a concert, where the music group Empire of the Sun performed.

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hair or not to hair

August 15, 2009.
Hair is one of the most important characteristics into making a character in my scripts.  A certain look with a hairstyle is just an ensemble of things going into making a film.  A lot of questions go into asking what the character is about.  Why is her hairstyle this way?  Is she copying someone, does she only look good with short hair? Continue reading

The Limits of Control

Last Thursday, I went to the New Beverly Cinema to watch a new film by Jim Jarmusch; The Limits of Control.  The pace and style of the film were right up my alley, which is slow. The pace was so slow to the point where the viewer could actually feel what the main character was going through. I’m in no way going to break this film down by points. But, i will say that I could understand why this film did not have a wide release. The truth, I don’t really recall this film ever opening in Los Angeles. Because of the pace and style of the film, regular film audience would not have the patience and open minded enough to give this film a chance.. This leads to my film, Betty I am. During the film, I starting thinking about pace or tempo.. I figured out some edits that would make my film a little more pace friendly to the audience. Plus, the story of my film will be much more refine. And, hopefully by the end of the year my film will be presented somewhere.. Still working on that, every single day.

Revamping the blog… .

The picture was taken from a website that offer images of inspiration….It just gives me mix emotions…So, I haven’t been doing this for a while, and I haven’t been writing the amount that I would like to. Hopefully, with this, it would kinda push me and get some things done…

Inspiration.. .

I heard this song on 88.9fm late night last sunday.. . something about it, just have to listen to it and decide what’s going to come out of it on script form… .