January is pretty awesome with a little awful…

I couldn’t find a picture of myself writing, so going through some picture sets I found this.  It’s me writing some camera report, but the idea is me writing.  That’s what I’m doing right now, I took a break from writing my current script to write this post.  2011 is here, and so far there’s been a lot of up’s and downs.  The ups of course is my Invested.In for  project for my feature film Betty I am! The current count is $1,871 and $2,200 is needed with 12 days to go.. I’ll make it, there’s no doubt in my mind!

I cannot say enough thanks to the people who donated in my project.  Thank You!  Thank You! The pictures above is part of Betty I Am.  The first one is from the film itself (opening scene)  and the second is a picture from the set.  Learning about film making time after time.  Can’t get anything done without money, but, you gotta do it.  I dropped off the film to sound place on Monday, and I have confidence that the sound is going to be done right.  With talking to the sound mixer, his background and his philosophy on film gave me the confidence of not to worry.  It’s in very good hands.  Now, there’s a slight chance that I might have a private screening before the summer with the completed film.   Keeping my fingers cross on the venue. .

My current script involves the top images, sorta like the film Tokyo.. . Almost halfway through, and one thing I have to say is, comedy if difficult, good comedy that is. .This month has also been weird at the same time.. I been sick.. a lot.. starting the year on the wrong the food.. After having the flu, cold, food poisoning and injury my back sometimes makes want just scream out loud WTF !!!!!  I could have gone to an art show today, but my lower back had other ideas of hurting and forcing me to stay home and do some script writing.. Kind of good of that happening.. finished my second story of my script.. . next entry in February

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