December 31, 2010

As the new year approaches and its 12:13am..And tonight at seven, there will be a bash at my house.. Now, don’t really know the number of people actually showing up, but I’ll be happy with any number.. thinking about how I have to get my tail to work in six hours kinda irritates me.. But, making the best of that situation .. . So many things happen this year.. . I can honestly say this year was way better than last year..

The video below is when I  went out to a nice establishment for a new years bash.  Again, this year at my house.   It was fun, but this year, just want to stay home.

As for the pros and cons for the year, a small rundown.


Met new friends. Writing has improved.  My way thinking has matured.  Conversation ability has improved. Getting healthy from small physical problems. Scripts are getting better.  Reading more. And, food.  Tons of food. Realize what I have in hand, and appreciate it. Collaborating with more people. Family! Got a new room! Betty I Am is about to get done!


Too much wishful thinking.  Jumping to conclusions.  Pleasing too many people. Bad jump shot. Car problems.

That’s a small sample, but this post is not a venting one, or a complaining one.. It’s just a reflection.  And what does this have to do with writing??!   Well, a writer grabs most of his material from his life itself.

And for next year, cutting more negativity and push myself even harder to get where I want to be. Keep writing.  Just appreciate anything that fills up my day.



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