Finishing my film, one shot.

Its’ been a couple of weeks since I launched fundraiser to finished a feature film that I did four years ago; Betty I Am.  The site where this is taking place is Invested.In, the amount is small, in the eyes of production size.  Yet, that’s an amount for some reason beacuase of situations I was not able to obtain.

As of right now, the amount on the site is $401.. And, some cash donations that totals close to $500.  So far I’m half way there of my goal of $2200.  It’s tough asking for money at a time like this, with the whole job market stuff going around.  But, I find it very pleasing to find individuals that believe in me and the project.

The situation about the film is, the film is locked!  The sound is the only thing needed.  Still trying to find some original music for some scenes, anything is welcome.  Have a few music groups in mind, plus an up and coming hip hop artist.  Christmas is almost here, so far from all the donations received, that’s pretty much all the presents that I need.  Thank you again to the people that already have donated.

  1. I’ve just seen the project on and it looks awesome. Congrats!

    I hope to see the film somewhere pretty soon.

    All the best,

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