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December 31, 2010

As the new year approaches and its 12:13am..And tonight at seven, there will be a bash at my house.. Now, don’t really know the number of people actually showing up, but I’ll be happy with any number.. thinking about how I have to get my tail to work in six hours kinda irritates me.. But, making the best of that situation .. . So many things happen this year.. . I can honestly say this year was way better than last year..

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Finishing my film, one shot.

Its’ been a couple of weeks since I launched fundraiser to finished a feature film that I did four years ago; Betty I Am.  The site where this is taking place is Invested.In, the amount is small, in the eyes of production size.  Yet, that’s an amount for some reason beacuase of situations I was not able to obtain.

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What turned out to be a hookah night

So what started to be a night of homemade grilled chicken taco’s, and playing some video games… turned out to be a night of Hookah..  With a long week of work, and a doze of wanting to leave a bad situation.. I had to come home and hang out with a few friends to start the weekend.  With the flavor of the tobacco hitting the air, I reflect on what has to be done on my created side.  Next week hopefully will launch a crowd funding thing to finish Betty I Am.

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