A quarter of my script done! And, warhol is good for everyone!

That was one good piece of cake!!  First to my writing!!  After some tough editing and decision-making, my new feature script is 20 pages in!  Not done, I repeat!  Not done!!  From 30 to 20 pages.. and that’s getting things done.. Basically the script is along theme of the film TOKYO… The story  all takes place in parts of Los Angeles; where a certain trend dominates the scene.  The sketch below is from a good friend  Yasmin Khudari..  And hopefully by the end of the year we’ll be working on something I been working on since the age of 17!!   Cant’ say enough about this sketch!!  But, the females in the film will most likely follow in this fashion..  some kind of preview of a work in progress. .

Andy Warhol inspired art night party!!    It was Thursday, and after doing a 12hr shift at work,  I somehow stumbled in to a shirt and tie.

The photo comes from Chinashopmag.com. With the captions under the photo; “wonderful fro sir!”  I knew it was something more than just a great night.  As for the photo…. I hate flash!!!  During the event, I meet up with a friend Marco..  Honestly, I just like hanging with easy-going people, and that carry same passion that I do, about FILM!!  The atmosphere was always inviting..  People.. so many people from all walks of life…. Here are some videos that I shot with my Canon digital and very small for big hands camera.  I apologies for the un-smooth footage that I shot..

Some Warhol inspired art.

I’m a sucker for cookies… .. no really… I ate two. .

After a few alcohol drinks in my system, I needed some food.  Luckily for me.. really lucky of me to have the grilled cheese truck close to the event.   There were hardly any lines!!

The “original.”  Macaroni and cheese with sharp cheddar, with bbq pork and caramelized onions!!  $7.50.. it was well worth it!!  I don’t see myself eating this for a while or ever.  I don’t follow foodie trucks around as I should.. maybe when time becomes more available or I happen to be around an area where one pulls up to set up shop.. .

As plans are made with my friend, a cup of Cuban Coffee and food will be upcoming in the near future.   This was just one of those nights that had nothing but a positive situation come about.   I am attending an art show tonight…Where the hell did I leave my neck tie!!    12:51 am, work soon.. i should be making a sad face but I’m pretty tired for even that..  %@#&^%$@

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