early september.. and why?!

As the clock turns 12:09am and Thursday enters the fold… here I stare at my closet waiting for something or someone to come out and greet me… no really.. Anyway, writing the first of many stories of my latest feature script that consist tales of hipsters, accidents and love.   There’s more… but need to finish by this week.  I want to apply for a program to write television screenplays. . as page 20 nears, I feel I’m almost done.. Waiting for the clean up phase and if it makes any sense to myself or a few readers that I will end up asking. ..

As Verizon wireless stalls on having the i-phone in its line, I decided to get a new phone (used).  The current cellphone that I had been using was the razor.. I know, its ancient by today’s standards.  My new (used) phone is the Samsung Juke.  With the downloaded Welcome to the NHK song for my ringer… life couldn’t get any more better.   These little things make me happy.. .As the simple guy that I am, I’ll be going to back to some more writing and call it a night around 1am.. fuck my job… which starts in 6 hours.. .

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