from nothing to something

The one thing that came to mind this weekend was this is going to be another weekend  of doing nothing.  But, with a phone call from a good friend and a birthday party to attend.   Things started to look up..  I got invited to a concert, where the music group Empire of the Sun performed.

The concert was different, the music style was something techno d.j. will do, but with singing.   It was interesting and inspiration traveled through my body.  Even interesting nights can happen to anybody, with a good set of friends anything is possible.

From there, I went to a birthday party that I did not know what to expect.  But, it was fun.   There was some alcohol involved, it always fun when that happens. I haven’t karaoke in a long time, but I did.  To make things easy for me, I sang a few Beatles tunes.

As the night goes on, and the many laughs take place, I can’t help but think about my current script.   I’m going to use the first part of my script as a writing sample for a program for the Disney television company.  I’m worried that I don’t watch enough television programs.  I’m not in tune of what’s the hot show, what other television studios will copy of the next hot thing.  The only thing that I watch on t.v. is sports the food network  and news, maybe some educational programs.  But, as for drama or sitcoms, I’m lacking experience of watching that kind of stuff.  Most of my time goes to watching internet videos or Japanese related programing.  I feel that I can adapt to any situation.   The reason that television is not a part of my life, well… it kinda sucks right now.. With T.V. reality domination everything, writing is gone.   Orson Welles, a nice youtube video which is something where he predicted reality programs or youtube like world.

We’ll see at the end of the month, that’s when the application is due.  Soon, animation may be in store for me.    Now, that’s awesome.

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