new point in life….sorta.

The week of August starter sorta good. .  Finally making progress towards my feature film Betty I am. Decided on using the web program or something around those lines called Kickstarter.  It’s to raise up the money needed to finish my film.  Me and my associate are putting it together and will be out soon.  And, wait and see.  I had this idea in mind, but I didn’t really had any fate that it would work.  But, from some talk from a friend, if Kickstarter doesn’t work….well.. .I’ll be in the same place I am right now and that’s OK!

Somehow Royalty Rope got a hold of my email, and invited me to their directors reception.  For that, I’m glad I went and learned a lot from this event.  It’s pretty rare for me to attend a Hollywood style night club, but it happen.  There was a ton of attractive people, so there was never a dull moment, but an educational one.  Talk to a few directors and some actors.  A few business cards here and there.   Everyone there seems to be starting out, no one really established.  The only people who were established were the producers!  Some how, I ended up meeting the producer of Twilight.  Nice guy, for the few words I got across and made a connection with him.  I think it was “nice to meet you.”  He also got a drink for a friend that accompany me to the event, so that’s pretty awesome.  The big talk at the club was there were a few actors from the movie Twilight, but since I’m not too familiar with the film, I couldn’t point them out.

They had some sparklers going on in the club.  The place was this lively throughout the night.

this shot was not focused but… it gives you an idea of the type of atmosphere.  The bar had free vodka for one hour, managed to get a couple of drinks but only one went down the system.  Throughout the night four kinds of alcohols came my way, it was nothing heavy, more like swigs.. .

Luckily someone was nice enough to take some photos.  Getting some advice from this person,  for the next go around I’ll be ready to make contacts with anyone.

Thanks to the same person above, she introduced me to a bar in the Silverlake area called Dinner House M.  It feels kinda like a throwback bar because they actually allow smoking.  I actually didn’t mind the smoking, because I don’t really come in contact with the cigarettes that often. The people there are very friendly, and just sat back admired the scenery of the place and the people.

Some awesome french toast battered with rum, and topped with some sausage.   It was an appetizer but ended up being a late night dinner.  The music was right up my alley, and also about the bar that was really interesting; It was an after hours bar.. closing time at 6am. .. One of these days, that’s a must do for some reason.  So many ideas came my way…..

I have something up sleeve, hopefully I’ll shed some more light soon on this blog.. But, these days with working close to 45/hrs a week and a two-hour commute, the difficulty of writing something is on the high.  Not bad for an entry blog… like I said before, I’m going to dig up some old photos, and do some more entry’s..  thanks again for the eyes that made it this far. .

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