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Godard’s New Film!!!!

Killing some time on the net, I came across the New York Film Festival.  One of the films that was in the line up was a film by Jean Luc Godard.  This really caught me off guard.. Doing some more research, the great directed is using new technology  in recording and shot it with many different cameras; Archos 404 cam., Samsung Nv24HD, Canon 5d mk2, Sony Ex1, Sony TG1E, Panasonic snap shot, JVC Everio!!!  Wondering when will it be released in Los Angeles??…. . but this gets me going to see a

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from nothing to something

The one thing that came to mind this weekend was this is going to be another weekend  of doing nothing.  But, with a phone call from a good friend and a birthday party to attend.   Things started to look up..  I got invited to a concert, where the music group Empire of the Sun performed.

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new point in life….sorta.

The week of August starter sorta good. .  Finally making progress towards my feature film Betty I am. Decided on using the web program or something around those lines called Kickstarter.  It’s to raise up the money needed to finish my film.  Me and my associate are putting it together and will be out soon.  And, wait and see.  I had this idea in mind, but I didn’t really had any fate that it would work.  But, from some talk from a friend, if Kickstarter doesn’t work….well.. .I’ll be in the same place I am right now and that’s OK!

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Getting back on track. . ..

It’s been a long time since I blogged.. . now.. with my spirits back on track, and with people giving me motivation, my blog is back. .  This is something small…I’m on wordpress now, leaving blogger… ummm.. Just easier to navigate, and more friends use wordpress… I was sold after doing a few entry post on some other blog that i was a guest on.. .The next couple of entries are

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