Fuzzy views

September 4, 2009.

Distractions, or the things that keeps me from writing the stuff that I want to write.  It’s a friday night in Los Angeles, 11pm and it’s 77 degrees.  In my house, it feels like more like 99 degrees.  At the moment, I’m trying to wrap up a short film script that will hopefully be in production in the coming months.   Keeping my fingers cross for other reasons, one namely a better job.  Because of a economic situation, my focus seems to have falter a bit.  My writing time has increased in a way, but it’s mostly been scattered between a featured film script and a short.
Distraction, can keep a writer from finishing any project.  In the past, deadlines were not met, and from there…It’s just a downward spiral affect around your character.  When you’re inspired or in a good mood, writing should be an easy thing, sorta.  But, the environment around you affects how you write.  From bad to good, anything can alter your imagination.  If you’re at ease with yourself, the script is more clear to understand, or where it is going. 
The picture above, was my first ever using photo shop.. seems easy…  
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