hair or not to hair

August 15, 2009.
Hair is one of the most important characteristics into making a character in my scripts.  A certain look with a hairstyle is just an ensemble of things going into making a film.  A lot of questions go into asking what the character is about.  Why is her hairstyle this way?  Is she copying someone, does she only look good with short hair? Is she escaping from something?  ect..  Knowing now how a future character will act, or live, feels good.. this hairstyle is just an inspiration.  Some may think is just a normal hairstyle, but NO!  The way her hair hides her face.. For some reason I really like that.. Something to think for any upcoming projects that I want to do..Still being anchored down with a previous project, which is still a key to open the door to a better life and start doing the stories that I want to tell, want to shoot, want to direct.. It’s a matter of time.  It also seems like things in my environment are getting tougher to deal with.   Also, to write the things you want to write or trying to get something on paper or computer.  A question; do you have a healthy mental state at this moment?  Stress is also an enemy of writing…. just another day or night… bad writing is just a start…

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