A little bit from the past.

August 02, 2009.

Last night was a little bit of time to reflect where it all started.  Nine years ago, (it’s been that long) I attended a community college where I took an interest in writing and directing.   The first class that I took was theatre appreciation.  From there on, I really appreciated the art of storytelling, the affect it had on audience.  The tone or powerful message a play or story would have on anyone that would enjoy  it.  
Again about last night, I took in an evening watching a play called “Anna in the Tropics” by Nilo Cruz.  It was directed by a buddy of mines Eddie Ruiz, where again I meet in community college and acted in one my early plays about abortion.  Which, was very funny at the time and may be still funny to some people with a certain type of humor.   The play went smoothly, and was impressed by another friend of mines; Sergio Villareal jr., which again I meet in community college and also acted in a play of mines that gave me the confidence that I can write material that people would appreciate.   Sergio played a character “Cheche”, which was my favorite of the play.  It’s not because he’s my friend and all, but his performance was really good.  Something about him, with the right character, he can give out a great performance.   I would like to work with Eddie and Sergio soon.   I know we can make it work..
After that, Old Town Pasadena,  attended a quick bar stop called the “Old Pub.”  I saw a couple of music bands perform.. I kinda forgot their names, but I did have a good time listening to them.   I really enjoy the night..Now… getting back to work… somewhat..
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