Eating, fun and script!

Checking bases.  Finally, got a lot of things done from my to do list, which always brings me up and more lively to life.  In the food department.  This new place open by my job.. LC B.B.Q &  Burgers.   I was highly impressed by the quality of the food.  They make their own burger patties, their own!  Even though I had trouble fitting the burger in my mouth, it was still delicious and ranks up there with my choices of one of the best burgers in Los Angeles.  I still haven’t tried their whole menu, but, soon..  The script has finally gotten some life, I found ways to make it more unique or something around the lines of kinda different from other films or stories… But that’s asking for a lot though..  Took some time off this week to catch up on talking life tips with a friend while watching a Los Angeles Laker game.  Reflecting on your own personal life and as well as day dreams,  gives you a small charge in the creative department needed for this script or some kind of creative work.   Soon as I’m done with the script, I’ll give a small outline of the script/story in pictures.  The pictures or photos give out an idea of the many influence for this script that I been working for three months.  Finally played SF4!  Street Fighter has been a huge impact in my life since age 9 or so, well, considering in gaming world experience.  Was greeted by the great hospitality of hijaktaffairs & drunknconfessions this weekend to get my chance to play SF4.  This upcoming week, is the Japanese Film Festival, buying my tickets tomorrow.. So may be I should have something up in the coming days.  Or, not….    

  1. yeah, i have a similar attachment to street fighter. one of my fondest childhood memories was the christmas when my brother and i got an SNES with SF2 from stanta. best day of my LIFE!

  2. SF shaped the way i see life and treat people… honest!!

  3. and women/thighs.

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