Sunday starters..

Sunday was just one of those days to relax.  Even though I have two tough weeks ahead on writing and finishing my script.  The picture is NOT a work of art, but actually a breakfast plate from Gaffey Street Diner in San Pedro.  The plate consisted of this huge homemade biscuit covered in gravy and buried under there was a sausage, with a side of scramble eggs and some homestyle potatoes all for $5.99  After breakfast, I went to a friends house to catch the laker game.  The game itself was just one of those where you knew the outcome would be in Lakers favor.  Getting back to script talk; what lies ahead  is a challenge, finish a script in 13 days.. which I think is possible, but the quality of the script would be awful.. well.. it’s a worth a shot, why 13 days?  Well, just another opportunity to make another feature film, or simply just dream about it for the time being or until there’s a resolution to Betty I Am.  Before I left my house in the morning, which was freaking cold and we’re all going to die soon from it.  In the corner of my living-room was my super 16mm film camera.  As my mounting bills pile up, and the thoughts of selling it crosses my mind.  I’m glad that I didn’t sell it, and I believe there’s one more feature film in me to be shot with the camera under my belt.  I guess off to writing.  Also, it’s not the last time for that diner, so many menu items I need to try… yum!?
  1. if i can finish a terrible draft in 28 days from scratch, you can do one thats “so so” for sure in 13!

  2. “so, so” eh? no sweat…. may be out my league..

  3. i shouldn’t be one to say, but UPDATE THIS BLOG MORE!

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