New wave week

I meant to put this up on Wednesday night…but.. too many things on my mind lately, which hopefully I’ll get into in the near future.   The Aero theatre in Santa Monica had a showcase on the director Francois Truffaut.  Which, there’s still cinema  of his I need to watch.  Anyway, I haven’t been out to see a film in quite a while…And, The French New Wave is a great way to start of the year.  This was the first time I seen the Antoine Doinel series, well 400 blows was under my belt but not the rest..  After seeing a couple of the films, I had an even more of a appreciation towards Truffaut.  It actually helped me in my current project which I’m also struggling on… The video below is Antoine Doinel  series summed up in 3 minutes (how?). 

The first night of the showcase, I went over to one of my favorite eating spots  Cafe 50’s .  But, on the way over there I noticed the Nuart was playing a Godard Film.  Yes, Godard!  Also a director that made French new wave into the French New Wave.  So, his film was added to my viewing schedule for the week.. 
So far, it’s been a good week for cinema!   As for my film Betty I am.  My friend Jaime worked on re-doing the trailer, a website took notice of it and made a small article of it and is asking for info about the film; Quite Earth .   And, finally our IMDB page is up…So.. it’s a really, really slow process… but.. getting there is more clear in a way.. . 
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