Script notes… and more

Well, as of this moment I’m on page 41 or so.. even though it’s not 41 pages, more like a rough estimate.  When I got to page 28, I was stuck….but in the back of my mind i know what happens in the next scene of the scene i still haven’t done after page 28.. Did I lose you???  hope not…

That’s just one of my mantras of writing.. umm once you’re stuck somewhere… you have to keep on writing no matter what.  And,  what you write after,  may help you write the scene that couldn’t be written  before.. just another method to my writing.   
Yesterday was a great night!   My friend Jaime, set up a screening at his house for a film I wrote/directed a couple years ago.. .Betty I Am, is the title of the feature film… A couple of days prior to the this event, the butterflies were going crazy in my stomach.. So i did the best thing to combat that.. NOT THINK ABOUT IT..I have trouble seeing my own work on display… And, it help, filled my time with the current script I’m working on.  Thinking about many other things that was not my film..   It turned out great, got a good reaction from the audience which is a huge relief…. Once again,  Jaime hospitality was awesome…Food/wine/gathering. 
Here’s a trailer of the film… edited by Jaime Ryan Heintz  

Now….. gotta do some more progress  on my script and hopefully in a few weeks, I’ll be up in IMDB with my film.. 

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