Betty will be shown

After years of working hard at the goal of finishing my first feature film…. I just got one step closer. My film BETTY I AM was accepted to the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. It will shown on December 10 which falls at 7:30pm at the Bellvarado studios at echo park.. On top are the postcards that I left at several places in Los Angeles to hopefully get some people to come out..:


January is pretty awesome with a little awful…

I couldn’t find a picture of myself writing, so going through some picture sets I found this.  It’s me writing some camera report, but the idea is me writing.  That’s what I’m doing right now, I took a break from writing my current script to write this post.  2011 is here, and so far there’s been a lot of up’s and downs.  The ups of course is my Invested.In for  project for my feature film Betty I am! The current count is $1,871 and $2,200 is needed with 12 days to go.. I’ll make it, there’s no doubt in my mind!

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December 31, 2010

As the new year approaches and its 12:13am..And tonight at seven, there will be a bash at my house.. Now, don’t really know the number of people actually showing up, but I’ll be happy with any number.. thinking about how I have to get my tail to work in six hours kinda irritates me.. But, making the best of that situation .. . So many things happen this year.. . I can honestly say this year was way better than last year..

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Finishing my film, one shot.

Its’ been a couple of weeks since I launched fundraiser to finished a feature film that I did four years ago; Betty I Am.  The site where this is taking place is Invested.In, the amount is small, in the eyes of production size.  Yet, that’s an amount for some reason beacuase of situations I was not able to obtain.

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What turned out to be a hookah night

So what started to be a night of homemade grilled chicken taco’s, and playing some video games… turned out to be a night of Hookah..  With a long week of work, and a doze of wanting to leave a bad situation.. I had to come home and hang out with a few friends to start the weekend.  With the flavor of the tobacco hitting the air, I reflect on what has to be done on my created side.  Next week hopefully will launch a crowd funding thing to finish Betty I Am.

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A quarter of my script done! And, warhol is good for everyone!

That was one good piece of cake!!  First to my writing!!  After some tough editing and decision-making, my new feature script is 20 pages in!  Not done, I repeat!  Not done!!  From 30 to 20 pages.. and that’s getting things done.. Basically the script is along theme of the film TOKYO… The story  all takes place in parts of Los Angeles; where a certain trend dominates the scene.  The sketch below is from a good friend  Yasmin Khudari..  And hopefully by the end of the year we’ll be working on something I been working on since the age of 17!!   Cant’ say enough about this sketch!!  But, the females in the film will most likely follow in this fashion..  some kind of preview of a work in progress. .

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early september.. and why?!

As the clock turns 12:09am and Thursday enters the fold… here I stare at my closet waiting for something or someone to come out and greet me… no really.. Anyway, writing the first of many stories of my latest feature script that consist tales of hipsters, accidents and love.   There’s more… but need to finish by this week.  I want to apply for a program to write television screenplays. . as page 20 nears, I feel I’m almost done.. Waiting for the clean up phase and if it makes any sense to myself or a few readers that I will end up asking. ..

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